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Let CaraFan handle the shuttle service for your next event!

Coach Fleet

What is CaraFan for events?

Event shuttle transportation

Carafan is an event transportation company that provides shuttle transportation events. If you are hosting an event, concert, or festival. We are able to help you bring more fans to your event from long distances, decrease traffic, reduce parking issues, and provide another avenue of interaction and experiences for them.

Benefits of Choosing CaraFan

Bring more fans to your event from longer distances.

Decrease local event traffic by using shuttles to and from your event.

Create another avenue of interaction and experiences for your fans.

Make your event safer by having shuttles prepared for your fans. No more drinking and driving.

What can we do?

CaraFan Shuttle Services

We are able to create a transportation plan specifically for your event and scale it to your exact needs.

All of our shuttles have snacks, and beverages on board (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) unless stated otherwise. As well as a bus concierge to take care of your fans throughout the trip.

We can do both local routes and long distance/intercity routes.

What types of events can we do?

  • Corporate Conferences

  • Concerts

  • Festivals

  • Sporting events

  • Trade shows

  • Consumer conferences

  • And more!

Contact us today to have a representative contact you about your event!

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