The Rideshare Evolution

The Rideshare Evolution

Today, ridesharing has become a staple for every household around the world. When you go on an out of town trip or go out at night you typically take a type of rideshare these days. The rideshare industry has completely changed the landscape of the taxi industry and the way we get around. But what is next for the industry, what can we expect in the next 10 years? 1. Automated Cars

The biggest change coming to the world in the next 5-10 years, are automated cars. We have already seen some examples of this being put in place with brands like Tesla putting their autopilot in their cars. You also have seen the majority of brands implementing technology to assist with braking automatically and other features which are the groundwork for autonomous cars. Automated cars are going to completely disrupt the model that most rideshare companies currently have once it is fully released. Instead of having a chatty driver or relying on drivers to take you from place to place, the entire process will be automated. This will also allow the majority of rideshare companies to finally achieve profitability which is why they are conducting their own research trying to be the first to market with this technology. You might ask if cars are automated at this point why wouldn’t consumers use their own cars? The answer to that is simple, not everyone will purchase an automated car when they first come out, not everyone wants to own or has the means to own a car, and lastly would you rather use your own car and worry about it getting damaged, stolen, broken into, or use a rideshare and protect your investment?

2. Flying Passenger Drones

Next up is flying passenger drones which will be another huge leap forward for ridesharing. Although restricted by certain takeoff and landing points, it will allow you to travel faster and not worry about traffic in the process. Expected to be commercially available by 2023, and expected to be a major disruptor for ridesharing and the evolution of transportation as we know it. Imagine instead of driving for an hour and a half instead you can arrive within 15 minutes. The major hurdle of this technology will be making it affordable to the masses, and easily accessible. If they are able to make it widespread, you can imagine a scene from a futuristic movie in the near future.

3. Event Ridesharing

Event ridesharing is the only one on this list currently available, and allows passengers to travel in groups to their favorite events like sports games, concerts, festivals, and other events. Instead of paying for parking which is sometimes just as expensive as a ticket to the event, paying for gas or putting miles on your own car, worrying about drinking and driving, or getting stuck in that parking lot traffic. Event ridesharing companies such as CaraFan provide an end to end solution based around the timeline of the event you’re going to so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of getting there or parking. Instead of worrying about the drive back home after enjoying yourself at the game now you can just use an event rideshare, which makes the roads safer for everyone. Usually these are more affordable round trip compared to a normal rideshare, with more space for passengers, as well as drinks, snacks, and a restroom on board.

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